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RRGTS: “Sticks & Twigs” Environment Pack


The Sticks and Twigs Environment Pack contains 24 already made missions. These missions serve as an example of what kind of environments these models can produce, but not necessarily limited to. The pack also includes a large assortment of trees, plants, billboards, skyboxes, terrain & detail textures, and 13 ambient audio tracks. This is revision 1 with some LOD corrections, increased png resolution on certain textures and various small fixes. Revision 2 will be out shortly with some simple collision mesh corrections and additional bb png modifications/updates.

Model File Formats


Content Breakdown

- 60+ Trees (2-4 Levels of Detail for each)
- 50+ Plants, Bushes, Ferns, etc
- 100+ Billboarded PNG plants (grass, dead bushes, etc)
- 25+ Terragen generated 1024x1024 Skyboxes
- 50+ Terrain and Detail textures
- 24 Sample missions
- 13 Ambient Audio Tracks (2+ minutes each)

Visual Content Breakdown

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