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Bunkers & Barricades WW2 Content Pack

Bunkers & Barricades WW2 Content Pack has been released!

The Pack consists of approximately 200 models. which include a half a dozen small buildings, about a dozen pillboxes, a couple of aircraft revetments,
ammo containers, bunkers, trench pieces, barracks, barbed wire barricades, beach barricades, broken cobble roads, fixed turrets, guard gates,
guard tower, guard fences, office desks, radios, shelves, sandbags and sea mines. There are some crates, barrels and fences that are kind of an
overflow from other packs, but I figured if you did not have them from a previous pack, you would have them now.

Here is an index of the bulk of the models, some of the texture variations and animated versions of the "floating" crates, barrels and such are not pictured:

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