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Simple Corridor Construction Packs with shared geometry for quick conversion between missions in Torque 3D. This is the first release containing a combination of two Packs as part of a new series of content packs called the Simply Corridors Series. Now the title is fairly obvious, but hopefully the execution will be beneficial for faster prototyping interior levels of various sorts.

Heres what I mean. This is the base Pack including Cambodian and Egyptian style/type corridor models. That is not too unique, but the big deal is that all of the corridors between the packs share the same exterior model geometry, XYZ co-ordinates and similar naming structure. What this means is that you can build your level, as complicated or a simple as you would like using one Corridor Pack, then, using a find and replace against the .MIS file swap out all of the models for another Pack with the exact same geometry and XYZ co-ordinates. For example, replace Cambodian in the mission file with Egyptian and it would replace the models with the appropriate equivalent from the other pack scCambodia/cambodianCorridorLR001 would become scEgypt/egyptianCorridorLR001. Here are just a few examples of what I am talking about:

Here are the Primary Corridor Models. OBJ, .RAY, .MAP & .DTS formats are included with corresponding textures and normal maps.

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