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This pack, Warehouse District: MonsterPack #2 contains a vast amount of content. The Pack contains over sixty models that have been tested in T3D 1.2 and load fine. The skyboxes have been updated to be compatible with the T3D material format also.There are a few things not mentioned in the list, such as: six looping ambient sound tracks running 2-3 minutes and some various other models from the Game Basic Pack.

All of the models have .OBJ, and .DTS file formats, some also include .RAY and .MAP files. The shader textures remain unchanged and is included in the download section of the Warehouse and Combo Pack.

This pack is designed to work with T3D.

All items in the pack are scaled in relationship to torque game engines default soldier. We sized all the models relatively close to what they appear they should be. So, for the most part, scaling should be relatively easy.

We tested the all the models in Torque Game Engine 1.5.2 and all the models work great. For the quality of the models they don't dog down the performance in any significant way.

Here is a break-down of the included content:

  • Alley Wall Brick (2 variations)

  • Alley Wall Concrete (2 variations)

  • Auto Garage

  • Cargo Containers (six closed, four open)

  • Ruin Warehouse Loading (twin buildings)

  • Warehouse Building Two Story (one with interior, one enclosed)

  • Warehouse Building Small (one with interior, one enclosed)

  • Concrete Barricade (five styles)

  • Second Small Warehouse (listed as concrete)

  • Graffiti Barricades (two)

  • Old Warehouse 1

  • Old Warehouse Worn

  • Old Warehouse 2

  • Rusted Warehouse

  • Garage and Tattoo signs

  • Tin Buildings (two styles)

  • Tractor Trailers (four styles)

  • Warning Barricades (three styles)

  • Crates (twelve different styles)

  • Power Pole (one with base power box)

  • Stop Signs (metal and wooden supports)

  • Dumpsters (three texture variations)

  • Warning Cones (one cylinder, one square)

  • Three Sky Boxes (two simple, one with "Old City" skyline)

All the images we post are in stock torque, so expect the same quality or better when adding them to your game, or other project. Feel free to browse the rest of the site. The site is constantly improving. Since I am learning a lot about this web design stuff, it won't be unusual to see changes now and again.

Stay tuned in for more packs here at MonsterPacks.com, we are going to be releasing another pack very very soon. It is going to be a big deal, much like this one.

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